Genius Sensor Cooking Vs Inverter Technology

Are you finding cold spots in your food even after heating it in your microwave for long? If so, you need a microwave with either a genius sensor or inverter technology or both.

A microwave with a genius sensor cooking feature lets you prepare foods that you’ve never dared to before. It takes the guesswork from cooking, making it possible even for first-timers to prepare delicious meals.

On the other hand, inverter technology provides a constant stream of power during the entire cooking process to prevent undercooking or over cooking. It ensures that your food is evenly cooked.

The main difference between the two technologies is; Genius sensor cooking usually measures the steam produced from the cooking food to determine when it’s done. Inverter technology enables a microwave to heat at a constant low, medium, or high heat.

What is Genius Sensor Cooking?

Difference Between Genius Sensor Cooking and Inverter Technology

Genius sensor cooking is microwave-cooking technology where a microwave’s sensor measures vapor (moisture and humidity) from food as it heats. It enables you to cook without setting the power levels or time.

How Genius Sensor Cooking Technology Works

The genius sensor measures the steam produced during cooking and then signals the microprocessor to calculate the cooking time to the appropriate level.

The technology cooks/reheats and makes great meals by automatically setting power levels and adjusting defrosting and cooking times.

Theoretically, this technology helps to avoid overcooking or undercooking compared to cooking by time alone. That’s why those who are not too great when it comes to cooking will most likely fall in love with a microwave that uses this technology.

Benefits of Genius Sensor Cooking

  • It saves you the frustrations of guessing whether your food is done or not.
  • It automatically adjusts the power and cooking time based on different food items.
  • Even inexperienced individuals can prepare different delicacies.
  • The technology helps you cook food with a simple touch of a button.

What is Microwave Inverter Technology?

Microwave inverter technology is a technology that delivers a constant stream of cooking power, even at low settings for even cooking.

Inverter technology provides sufficient cooking power to cook your food evenly from the center to the edges. Whether cooking at low or medium power, this technology enables you to get excellent results.

How Microwave Inverter Technology Works

The aim of inverter technology in microwaves is to provide a controlled, efficient power supply constantly to avoid overheating, destruction of food structure, or loss of flavor.

For instance, if you set your microwave to roast at a temperature of 300 degrees, it will roast at exactly 300 degrees to achieve the intended results.

In an inverter microwave, power is always supplied via an inverter circuit to constant and steady power throughout cooking time.

Benefits of Inverter Technology

  • Inverter technology helps save 30 to 50% of electricity hence energy saving.
  • It enables microwaves to cook, defrost or reheat food fast.
  • It enhances excellent cooking results-no cold spots.
  • Provides unlimited energy for cooking in all power settings.
  • The technology controls the power level transmitted by a microwave oven to achieve a constant level.

Which is Better, Genius Sensor Cooking Technology or Inverter Technology?

Both technologies will make you look forward to preparing delicacies for your family every day. Thanks to genius sensor cooking, you will not have to worry about trying out new recipes.

You also won’t have to worry about your cooking prowess whenever you have guests coming over.

Inverter technology will not only help you cook fast but also enable you to get excellent results from your cooking. With this technology, you are assured that no one will complain of red spots in their meat or overcooked pasta.

And did you know that you can actually get a microwave oven that boasts both technologies? They are currently available in the market, only that you’ll have to part with a handsome amount for one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is genius sensor cooking worth it?

It is worth it. This technology helps you to prepare meals with a simple press of a button. You don’t have to set power levels or time to get excellently cooked meals. You also don’t have to be a pro to prepare delicious meals for your family.

2. Is Inverter technology worth it?

It’s worth it. It helps you get outstanding cooking results, saves energy, and even retains the nutrient level of specific foods when cooking.
Thanks to inverter technology, you will always serve your family or guests evenly cooked delicious food.

3. Is genius sensor cooking the same as inverter?

No. The genius sensor feature monitors your food as it cooks and automatically adjusts time and power levels.

On the other hand, inverter technology delivers a constant stream of power throughout the cooking process to heat food.

Therefore, if you set your microwave to defrost at 30%, there won’t be any automatic adjustments on either time or power. Your food will thaw at 30% for the set time.

4. Are microwaves with the genius sensor cooking feature easy to use?

Yes. They are very easy to use. Actually, such microwaves are the best to train kids on microwave cooking.


Genius sensor cooking and inverter technology are some of the technologies making microwave cooking easy. You can now cook different types of meals without getting worried about the expected outcome(1).

And although microwaves that come with these features come with a higher price tag, they are much worth going for. If you can get one with both technologies, the better.