About Us

Welcome! At Thriveresidence.com, our number one goal is to make your life in the kitchen as easy as possible. Whatever you’re hungry for, we dish it out.

We’re committed to bringing you the information you crave for before anyone does. All the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to make your kitchen a better place are in this corner of the internet.

Our Calling

We’re here to help you learn more about kitchen appliances. We will help you simplify the appliances in your home so that you know how to use, maintain, fix and keep them working at their best.

From our content, you’ll know how to get more out of your appliances and – of course-save, some bucks. We also don’t want you to end up blowing your budget on the wrong model, simply because the salesman said that it’s the best.

Our Methods

We find topics to write about in different ways, from personal experience to using data analytics tools and common sense.

Once we find an issue that most people struggle with, we then scour the web and go through almost every relevant resource on the topic, from research papers to case studies.

After combining all that information, we put together our best resources to help those stuck on that topic. It can be anything from:

  • Comparison guides between 2 to 3 options
  • ‘How-to’ problem-solving guides
  • Tips and tricks on topics
  • Any other informational guides
  • We aim to be as helpful as we can.

Our Team

Rachel Ellison - owner of thrive residence.com

Rachel Ellison – Writer

Rachel is the writer for Thriveresidence.com. She is a kitchen appliance enthusiast with profound knowledge of various kitchen appliances.

Before joining Thriveresidence.com, she had worked in a number of restaurants as a kitchen steward. Therefore, she has first-hand experience working with different types of kitchen appliances, including juicers, microwaves, coffee machines, mixer grinders, and others.

Rachel is a foodie, and she can cook too! And although not professionally trained as a chef, she has taken quite a number of recreational cooking classes.

Her love for food is what made her want to know more about kitchen appliances. She just couldn’t understand how a simple appliance like a convection microwave could help make almost every type of food at a touch of a button.

She wanted to learn more and share what she had learned with others.

She is an excellent researcher and always creates accurate and engaging content that is free of ethical concerns.