Is Microwave Inverter Technology Worth it?

Microwave inverter technology provides enough cooking power to reheat or defrost food faster than before. This means that when cooking at medium power, the microwave constantly works at medium power (without fluctuations) to give you the best results.

Microwaves powered by inverter technology deliver evenly cooked food from the center to the edges at all times. So, is the inverter technology worth it? The answer is a strong yes!

This article will provide you with more details about inverter microwaves, how they work and the leading manufacturers of these units. You’ll also find out the benefits of an inverter microwave.

How Does an Inverter Microwave Work?

Inverter microwaves work by reheating or defrosting food at a constant power level until your food is done. Inverter technology modulates the energy being transmitted by the microwave to achieve a consistent level.

Is Microwave Inverter Technology Worth it

This means that should you set your oven to work at 50% power; you’ll get a steady stream of 50% power during the entire cooking process.

This results in food that is more evenly cooked and defrosting without cooked edges. Your food also remains warm until mealtime.

Benefits of an Inverter Microwaves

Inverter microwaves come with a lot of benefits. Check out the list below for more details.

Is Microwave Inverter Technology Worth it
  • Energy Saving

Inverter technology is designed in a way that enables it to save 30-50% of electricity. Therefore, when using an inverter microwave, the number of consumed units will be lesser when compared to regular microwaves.

Do you know what makes regular microwaves consume more energy? The power fluctuations. When using a normal microwave, power isn’t consistent all through. These units only cook food in full power, followed by a period of zero power.

  • Fast Cooking

When compared to conventional microwaves, these units reduce cooking and defrosting time. According to a test carried out by Intertek, inverter technology reduces the cooking time of popcorn and chicken by 1.6 times.

You can actually set minute timers at 1-minute intervals to defrost or reheat food quickly and evenly when using an inverter oven.

  • Efficient Cooking

Now that inverter microwaves generate consistent power regardless of the temperature setting, expect the best results. Moreover, even heat ensures that you get zero red spots on meat. You’ll also not get dried edges; hence, worth giving a try.

  • Unlimited Energy Supply

Unlike regular microwave ovens, inverter technology provides unlimited energy for cooking even in low power settings. It offers precision cooking that helps retain the texture and taste of your food.

Thanks to direct temperature control, you can now prepare dishes that seemed impossible to cook.

  • Consistent Power Setting

This is actually the feature that makes inverter microwave ovens stand out. Inverter technology controls the energy level transmitted by the oven to achieve a consistent level.

This means that if you set the unit to defrost food at 30 degrees, it will do so at that exact temperature (30 degrees) for perfect defrosting results.

Cooking successfully in a regular microwave is quite challenging. These units use a magnetron for cooking, and unfortunately, it can only deliver full power.

Therefore, even if you set the oven to medium power, it will actually go through cycles of full power, followed by no power, to achieve 50% power.

  • More Diverse Features

Inverter microwave ovens come with a lot of features that make them worth investing in. For instance, the roast and air fry features enable you to food that is not only flavorful but also healthy.

The unit offers versatile cooking solutions to cook, warm or defrost your favorite food. You can pop up corn or melt yogurt with just a few clicks.

And did you know that the latest inverter microwave models come with an LED light that is 3 times brighter than an incandescent lamp in any conventional microwave? This light makes it easy for you to see the cooking process without having to open the door.

An option of child safety lock helps parents work worry-free, knowing that their kid is safe even if they enter the kitchen unsupervised.

So, Is Microwave Inverter Technology Worth It?

It is worth it. This technology helps to deliver a consistent stream of power to ensure that you get outstanding cooking results, even at lower settings.

Inverter technology overcomes the major drawback of regular microwaves. In addition to this, it enables inverter microwaves to retain the nutrient levels of certain foods while cooking. This is according to research conducted by the Cornell University Department of Nutritional Sciences.

It is, therefore, worth every penny.

Top Brands for Inverter Microwaves

If interested in purchasing a new inverter microwave oven, consider the brands listed below;

  • Panasonic
  • Sharp
  • LG
  • Toshiba
  • Breville
  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung

Inverter microwaves from these brands have a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, the reason we decided to list them as our top best. And do you know that Panasonic is actually the company that introduced inverter technology?

Carry out your research and select the best inverter microwave from any of the 7. You can also consider units from Bosch and Smeg.


Inverter technology has brought a major improvement in the microwave world(1). Thanks to this technology, you can prepare food faster and get better cooking results.

The technology enables the oven to prepare meals even in low-temperature settings with a glitch. You also won’t have to worry about undercooked or overcooked meals when using an inverter microwave hence worth spending your money on.