Cyclonic Inverter Vs. Inverter Microwaves – What’s the Difference?

A microwave is an essential item in every kitchen. It makes it easier to prepare food for your family now that you can use it for baking, roast, reheating leftovers, defrost or cooking vegetables and rice.

And to ensure that you get the most from a microwave, manufacturers have introduced innovative technology. Cyclonic technology is one of them.

So, how do cyclonic and inverter microwaves compare? Which one works better? Are cyclonic inverter microwaves cheaper than inverter models? Well, you’ll get to know this and much more from this post.

The main difference between the 2 models is that cyclonic microwave ovens use cyclonic wave inverter technology that works in a 3-dimensional circular pattern for even cooking. On the other hand, inverter microwaves use inverter technology for a smooth adjustment of power, resulting to evenly cooked meals.

What is an Inverter Microwave?

An inverter microwave oven is a microwave that uses inverter technology to heat, reheat or defrost food at a constant power level during the entire cooking process.

With an inverter microwave, you get to prepare meals faster than when using a conventional microwave. These units (traditional) make the process slower and cumbersome due to power fluctuations.

Panasonic was the first company to introduce inverter technology. The technology provides a smooth adjustment of power, enabling you to prepare meals at the right temperature.

Inverter technology provides an efficient power supply to ensure that your food’s structure is not destroyed and that its flavor isn’t lost.

Benefits of Inverter Microwaves

  • Food Gets Cooked Evenly

With an inverter microwave, you’ll never go wrong with your cooking. And unlike traditional microwaves, where power fluctuations affect the end results, inverter microwaves use the technology to deliver a stream of power for even cooking. No more hot and cold spots.

  • Even Defrosting

Expect even food defrosting when using an inverter microwave. Whether it’s the outer edges or inner parts of your food, you’ll get perfect results.

  • Energy Efficient

When using conventional microwave ovens, a lot of power is wasted during the power fluctuations. This is never the case with inverter microwaves. These units cook faster and without wasting power, thanks to inverter technology.

  • Portable

Inverter microwave ovens are lighter than regular microwaves since they don’t come with a transformer. They are, as a result, easier to move.

  • Increases Interior Capacity

With inverter technology, an inverter microwave doesn’t require a lot of technical components. These units, therefore, usually have enough space even to roast a whole chicken.


  • High Price Tag

Although highly reliable and fast, inverter microwaves are pretty expensive. Be ready to part with a handsome amount if looking forward to getting one for your home.

What are Cyclonic microwaves?

What are Cyclonic microwaves

Cyclonic microwaves are microwave ovens that use cyclonic inverter technology to deliver power in a 3D circular pattern for better cooking results.

These microwaves are also by far, much better than convectional models that radiate energy in straight lines resulting in undercooked or overcooked food.

Cyclonic Inverter Technology was also first introduced by Panasonic as an upgrade to inverter technology.

Benefits of Cyclonic Inverter Microwaves

  • Even Cooking Results

The cyclonic technology cooks food more evenly. No more worries of unevenly cooked food or food that cools off too fast. Your dishes will retain heat for a longer time.

Using a microwave with cyclonic wave technology will give you better results than using inverter technology.

  • Faster Cooking

With a cyclonic inverter microwave, you will get faster cooking results. Your food cooks at the set temperature, meaning that you won’t have to worry about energy fluctuations like in the case of traditional microwaves.

  • Defrosts Food Fast and Effectively

You can never go wrong with a cyclonic inverter microwave when it comes to the thawing of food. You’ll get even results thanks to the unit’s cyclonic waves.

  • Takes Guesswork Out of Cooking

Cyclonic inverter microwaves make it easier for anyone to prepare meals. Whether you’re good at cooking or not, you’ll still get the best results.

This is made possible by the cyclonic inverter technology that ensures that your food gets cooked at the set temperature. If you set the unit to defrost your food at 30 degrees, it’ll work at the exact 30 degrees.


  • Expensive

Cyclonic inverter microwaves come with a high price tag and may not work for you if working with a small budget. But although you’ll pay more for it, you’ll most likely like the results.

Which Is Better, Cyclonic Inverter Or Inverter Microwaves

A cyclonic inverter microwave takes the crown. Actually, you should know that a cyclonic inverter microwave is an upgrade of an inverter microwave oven.

It heats food in 3D circular patterns for faster heating and reheating results. And since it also uses inverter technology, expect to get all the benefits from an inverter microwave in this kitchen appliance.

Also, remember that cyclonic inverter microwaves use both the inverter technology and cyclonic waves when in operation. It’s the reason why you can prepare delicate food with this unit without destroying the structure or overcooking it.


Whether you choose to get a cyclonic inverter microwave or an inverter microwave oven, be assured of one thing – you’ll get faster and better cooking results than with a regular microwave. The 2 microwaves work great and will give you a wonderful cooking experience.

One thing to note is that cyclonic inverter microwaves work faster, cook food more evenly without affecting the flavor or structure but come with a higher price tag.