Are Convection Microwaves Worth it? (Explained)

Until a few years back, microwaves were, in the eyes of many, a luxury. Today, it’s a different story altogether. It’s actually tough to live without one.

These kitchen appliances are very handy when it comes to cooking, reheating, and even defrosting.

And should you get one with advanced features like the convection microwave; you’ll even bake and roast delicacies for your family and friends.

In this post, we’ll discuss the convection microwave, its features, pros, and cons. Is it worth going for? Of course, it’s not only practical but also saves space (it’s a 2 in 1 appliance) and offers more cooking options.

To learn more about why these ovens are worth going for, read through.

What is a Convection Microwave Oven?

A convection microwave is, in simple terms, a combination of a microwave oven and a convection oven. It is a hybrid appliance.

Are Convection Microwaves Worth it

It can work as a traditional microwave oven (perform basic tasks such as warming and reheating food, tea/coffee, etc.) and like an oven and carry out activities such as baking, browning, and roasting food.

How a Convection Microwave Works

A convection microwave combines the working of a convection oven and a microwave oven. However, this solely depends on the mode of usage.

If you set it to work as a microwave oven, it’ll work just like any other standard microwave. Here, the magnetron converts energy into microwaves.

The microwaves are absorbed by water molecules in the food, vibrate the molecules, and produce heat because of the friction. It’s this heat that cooks the food to perfection.

On the other hand, when you use the convection settings, the microwave works like an oven. The heating element in the oven converts energy to heat and uses the fan to blow hot air at your food to cook it faster.

Thinking of surprising your family/friends with a perfectly roasted, brown, crispy chicken? Well, try getting a convection microwave; your cooking will never be the same again! And yes, they’ll always look forward to sampling meals prepared by you.

The best part of a convection microwave is when you use the microwave and convection functions simultaneously. You’ll not only get the food ready faster but also get the perfectly cooked crispy brown exterior.

Special Features of a Convection Microwave

Are Convection Microwaves Worth it

Although the features of convections microwaves vary from one model to the other, we’ve included these features for you to decide which ones are ‘must-haves’ for your ideal unit.

  • Auto programmed functions: Thanks to this feature, the cooking time is automatically calculated after you key in the type and weight of the food. A ‘time adjust’ function enables you to quicken or slow down the cooking time without interrupting the cooking.
  • Multi-stage cooking: The feature allows you to select a series of cooking functions such as cook, defrost and grill.
  • Turntable: The turntable maximizes oven space and can accommodate more than one dish.
  • Convection rack: It is designed to allow air to circulate your food for even heat distribution.
  • Interior light: The interior light in a convection microwave enables you to keep an eye on your food during the entire cooking process.
  • Warming oven: The feature helps to keep prepared food warm while retaining the crispiness and moisture.
  • Sensor cooking controls: This feature automatically adjusts time and power levels. It removes the guesswork from cooking.
  • Child safety lock: Some models are locked or unlocked by simply pressing 2 buttons at once for 3 seconds. The feature helps to keep your kids safe from burns.
  • Smartphone control: Some convection microwave ovens come with the smartphone control feature that enables you to control the unit with a smartphone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Convection Microwave


  • Large enough to prepare meals for small families but compact enough to fit in a tiny kitchen
  • The best for cooking small to medium food portions. However, most are spacious enough to roast a chicken.
  • It uses less energy since temperatures and cook times are reduced.
  • It offers all the features of grill and solo microwave ovens with additional inverter technology and smart cooking features.
  • Quick to melt, reheat, brown and crisp food. It’s the best for reheating pizza, as it doesn’t leave it soggy like when using a standard microwave.


  • The inner capacity of a microwave oven is smaller than that of an oven.
  • The interior requires cleaning after each use to avoid grease buildup.
  • It may not work for bigger families.
  • If not familiar with a convection microwave, you might find it a little challenging to use at first.

So, Are Convection Microwaves Worth it?

Yes. If you want to cook without the trouble of going through special instructions and recipes, a convection microwave is all you need.

Also, if you live in a small space but like cooking, a convection microwave is the appliance for you. It takes up small room but can cook everything from popcorn to roast chicken.

These microwaves are also the best choice for motor homes, dorms, vacation cabins, and small flats. Their compact nature also makes them easy to move for easy cleaning.

Get a convection microwave if you like baking but don’t want to buy a full-sized baking oven. You won’t regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I buy a convection microwave oven?

Buy a convection microwave if you wish to get a microwave that can help you bake and roast delicacies for your family and friends.

Also, if you have space constraints and your kitchen doesn’t allow you to get a bigger unit, a convection microwave will do you good.

What size of bakeware should I use in a convection microwave?

Get bakeware that isn’t too tall or deep so that hot air can circulate evenly around your food.

Can I use a metal pan in a convection microwave?

You can use metal pans in some models and not in others. Therefore, go through the user manual to ascertain this fact.


Choosing a microwave oven is the best thing you can do, especially if you like baking. It can do wonders in your kitchen and make you look forward to preparing delicious meals for your family every day.

A convection microwave increases the choice of dishes and will most likely give you value for your money. And although these units are a little pricey, they are worth going for.