Can You Microwave Hamburger Meat? (Ultimate Tips)

Yes, you can microwave hamburger meat. The process is really simple. All you have to do is follow some steps.

The hamburger is the most American food there, especially during the grilling season. Nothing is better than a hot, juicy burger on a fresh bun. 

Some people like to cook their burgers on the deck. Others would rather save time by cooking them in the microwave.

In this article, we’ll discuss in details can you microwave hamburger, are microwave burgers bad for you and tips and steps of microwave hamburger in some easy steps.

Are Microwave Burgers Bad For You? 

No, microwave burgers are not bad for you. It might be safer than buying one. 

When you make burgers at home, you control the ingredients. You can also increase or decrease the quantity. 

Check to see that the meat is cooked through. The temperature within the hamburger needs to reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit (80C). Use a meat thermometer to make sure this is correct.

Can You Cook Hamburgers in the Microwave? 

Yes, you can cook a hamburger in the microwave. It just needs to reach a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t, harmful bacteria could grow in your food.

Can you microwave hamburger meat

Keep in mind that cooking a hamburger in the microwave takes skill. You can’t just nuke a burger and expect it to be good. 

You could ruin your burger if you don’t know the skill. It can end up being too mushy or dry and tasteless. Make sure to read this whole article to avoid this problem.

How to Cook a Hamburger in Microwave (9 Easy Steps) 

There are several ways to cook a hamburger.

However, the one we describe here is simple :

1. Make a Patty with Ground Beef

The first step is to shape the ground beef into a patty. Each patty should be about 4 or 5 inches in diameter. Then 3/4 to 1 inch thick.

Some people like to make their patties in the shape of a donut to put something in the middle, like melted cheese or a fried egg. 

If you want your patties to look like donuts, just use a knife to make a hole in the middle of each one. About 3/4 of an inch should fit in each hole.

Even though you usually make hamburger patties with your hands, it can be tiring and take a long time if you want to cook a lot of them.

If you want to make more than three or four burgers, you should use a patty press. This tool will help you make burgers of the same size and shape in less time than it would take to do it by hand.

2. Sprinkle the burger with Sauce and Olive oil

After you’ve made your patty, mix the sauce and olive oil. Shake it over the meat. The mixture has time to soak into the beef.

3. Put the patty on a paper towel in a dish

Once your burger patty is formed, put it on a paper towel. The grease that leaks out of the meat as it cooks will get soaked up by the paper towel.

4. Add salt, pepper, and a small amount of garlic powder

For seasonings, keep it simple. Some salt, pepper, and garlic powder. One teaspoon is used for every pound of meat. 

You can cut it back to half a teaspoon if you think it’s too salty. Feel free to try out different species if you want to.

5. Put wax paper over the dish

The next step is to put wax paper over the dish in the microwave. If you are cooking more than one patty, ensure they are all in a circle. It will help them cook more evenly and quickly.

6. Microwave for 90 seconds on high

Set your microwave to high and cook the hamburger for 45 seconds. Flip the burger after 45 seconds and cook it for another 45 seconds.

7. Let the meat sit out

After the second 45 seconds are up, cover the burgers. Let them sit in the microwave for a minute or two to finish cooking. 

The meat will finish cooking in its juices, which is when it will be extra juicy.

8. Check the Temperature 

To check the temperature, put a food thermometer in the middle of the burger. The best temperature for ground beef is 160°F. 

If your burger isn’t at this temperature, cook it a little longer. Check it every 15 seconds until it is.

9. Take the patty out of the pan and add your favorite toppings

The last step is to take the patty out of the microwave. Top it with whatever you like. You can put lettuce with tomatoes, onions, whole grains, and ketchup.

How Long Does To Microwave Hamburger Patties? 

Generally, about 2 minutes on each side should be enough. However, there is no specific cooking time. 

microwave hamburger

The amount of time needed to cook your hamburger patties will vary depending on their dimensions, namely their thickness. 

Just be sure to keep an eye on them. That way, they don’t get burnt or too dry.

Tips for Cooking a Burger in the Microwave? 

Making a burger in a microwave is pretty simple.

Here are some more things to remember :

(i) Don’t use too-lean meat

There are times and places for lean meat. Your hamburger patty isn’t one of them. When you bite into a great hamburger, it should be juicy. 

If the meat is too lean, it won’t have enough juice. That makes the burger dry and crumbly. Ground beef should be about 80% lean and 20% fat for the best burgers.

(ii) Don’t be scared of high temperatures

For your burger to be extra juicy, you need high heat.

(iii) Don’t touch the meat too much

When making the patties, it’s best to hold the meat as little as possible. This will give you a tender, juicy burger. 

Take pieces of ground beef about the size of your fist. Press them down on a flat surface to make rough patties. They can be imperfect circles.

(iv) Make a Dimple in the Hamburger

Putting dimples in the patties is a small detail. It helps separate a big burger from a small one. 

(v) Season your hamburger at the right time

Salting the patty seems like a small step. However, it’s one of the most important ones. 

Be sure to season your meat before you cook it. That way, the burgers will taste the best they can.

(vi) Don’t use a spatula to flatten your burger

Don’t use a spatula to flatten your burgers while they’re cooking. This will soak up all the juice and leave you with a dry burger.


Preparing a hamburger in the microwave is very easy. Anyone should be able to complete it. Just make sure that you follow the instructions and tips.

Now, go out and enjoy your hamburger.