How Long to Cook 2 Hot Pockets in a Microwave? (Complete Guide)

Microwaving hot pockets is one of the easiest ways to prepare a meal that will quickly cure your hunger pangs. From cheesy to more health-friendly combinations like chicken and broccoli, there are countless flavors to suit your taste.

Wait…do you know what hot pockets are? Well, a hot pocket is a frozen pastry filled with savory juices, sauces, meat, and melted cheese.

Hot pockets are easy to make in the microwave or oven as they only take a few minutes to cook.

So, how long will it take you to cook 2 hot pockets in a microwave? It should take you about 3 minutes and 30 seconds to microwave 2 hot pockets.

Can You Microwave 2 Hot Pockets at a Go?

Yes, you can microwave two hot pockets at a go. You just need to cook them at the recommended time for excellent results.

How long to cook 2 hot pockets in a microwave

Frozen hot pockets come in different flavors such as pepperoni pizza fillings, ham, cheese, and more that you can microwave with ease.

The ingredients are usually pre-cooked, making hot pockets easy to heat in your microwave.

To ensure that the 2 hot pockets cook all through, heat at the prescribed microwaving time. And whether you like them crispy or soft, ensure that the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit or 74 degrees Celsius.

How Long to Cook Your 2 Hot Pockets in a Microwave?

3 minutes 30 seconds, that’s all it’ll take you to get your 2 hot pockets well-cooked and crispy when using a microwave.

However, the biggest challenge when cooking 2 hot pockets at once in the microwave is that the middle part might be harder than your microwave heat.

To make them cook all through, cook the hot pockets for 2 minutes, turn them, and heat for another minute and 15 minutes.

And don’t forget the most important process when turning the hot pockets – holding them by the ends and shaking them gently.

Although this sounds like a lot of work, the process gives impressive results.

How Safe is it to Microwave Hot Pockets?

It’s very safe to microwave hot pockets in a microwave.

All you need to note is that you should never use plastic plates when microwaving. Plastics tend to melt and can leach harmful chemicals to your hot pockets.

Instead, use glass or ceramic plates to hold your hot pockets as they are microwave-friendly. Also, use a big dish that can move comfortably around the microwave.

Additionally, covering your hot pockets with a lid helps avoid splattering fat from your hot pockets.


Q. Can you microwave 2 hot pockets at once?

Yes, you can microwave two hot pockets at once. You just need to adjust the hot pockets cooking time from 2 minutes to 3 minutes and 30 seconds when using an 1100 watts microwave.

Q. How long do you microwave 4 hot pockets?

It should take you 4 to 8 minutes to cook 4 hot pockets in the microwave, depending on your unit’s wattage level.

Q. Is eating 2 hot pockets bad?

Probably yes. Hot pockets are rich in calories and contain a lot of sodium. Although there are some healthier options, you should not make them an everyday meal.

Q. Are hot pockets healthy?

Although hot pockets are mainly meant for kids, they aren’t a healthy meal at all. They are rich in sugar and saturated fats that make up roughly 300 calories per pocket.
They also have preservatives and additives that make them unhealthy.

Q. Are hot pockets better when made in the oven?

If you have enough time to spare, prepare your hot pockets in the oven. Although the process takes longer, the results are superior crispiness that you can never achieve in the microwave.

Q. Should I microwave or cook my hot pockets in the oven?

If in a hurry, use the microwave as it’ll only take you 2 minutes to make one hot pocket and 3 minutes 30 seconds for 2. Baking in the oven will take more time but makes the hot pockets’ crust crispy and flaky. It’s worth the wait.


Hot pockets are perfect for a quick bite and will save you from hunger as they are easy and fast to make. And they are available in different flavors.

You can make two hot pockets in the microwave by adjusting the cooking time from 2 minutes (for one) to 3 minutes 30 seconds.

You should also consider the wattage of your microwave since the lower the wattage, the longer it’ll take to cook. If your microwave has a higher wattage, you’ll have a very easy time cooking the hot pockets.

It’s also true to say that the cooking time of 2 hot pockets in a microwave will vary with different wattage levels.