Can You Microwave Yak Chews? (Solved) 

You can microwave yak chew but only the small pieces left over by the dog after chewing the yak. This small piece is around 3 to 4 cm and should be microwaved for sixty seconds tops.

When you microwave the small piece end, it will hiss and begin to pop much like popcorn but without the pop noise. 

When the yak stops popping, it will be soft and hot which means you have to wait for it to cool down before giving it to your dog. At this point, the texture of the yak becomes that of a honeycomb crumbly treat which is delicious.

In this article, we’re going to look at the benefits of yak chews for dogs and how to microwave yak treats for dogs.

Is Yak Cheese Good For Dogs?

Yak Cheese is one of those healthy alternative ingredients used to produce dog food. After years of meticulous testing, yak cheese has been found safe for making dog food.

Can You Microwave Yak Chews

If you’re looking for alternatives to provide your dog with more nutrients then yak cheese can serve. This cheese is made from yak milk. These yaks live in the Himalayas. 

They are bulky long-haired animals that look like cows in the Himalayan region. They’re of course domesticated, that’s why you can milk them. 

The yak cheese is high in protein but low in fat which makes it perfect for a growing puppy or dog. It has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Furthermore, they are hypoallergenic to a large extent and can be consumed by humans.

Benefits Of Yak Chews For Dogs?

Naturally, dogs are meant to develop their teeth and jaws to hunt, kill and eat food. Their teeth are meant to weaken and injure their food before devouring it. 

However, even after domestication, dogs still feel the urge to use their teeth to chew and grind which is where yak chew comes into play. 

Yak chews are the perfect fit to fulfill that urge while providing numerous benefits to your dog. Below are some of the benefits it provides to dogs.

Natural Benefits

Yak chew does not contain preservatives or chemicals which helps it provide adequate energy a dog needs. 

This protein bar can also be considered the best chew for healthy teeth in dogs because the producing community has tested and perfected the art of making yak chew over centuries.

Due to its lack of artificial substances, yak chews can be digested by pets. They are highly nutritious and don’t contain any fillers.

Health Benefits

The main ingredients for making yak chew are salt and milk. This provides it with a high amount of protein, calcium, and omega-3

The yak chew also helps the dogs perform mental exercise which is as important as physical exercise.

The act of chewing itself requires constant use of brain function and concentration, which is why giving your dog chews is an easy way to keep his mind busy.

Dental Benefits

Yak chew is the best fit for the maintenance of your dog’s dentition. It can help fight tartar and plaque easily and is the best chew for your dog to develop healthy teeth.

The calcium and protein in this chew help with muscle repair and growth. The saliva produced from chewing boosts dental health and reduces the chances of periodontal sickness. 

Why Do You Microwave Yak Chews?

Himalayan yak chews are the perfect dog chews due to their durability. They’re not like any other type of chew that before you blink your dog has finished devouring them. They’re long-lasting and take time for your dog to break them in pieces. 

OTG vs Microwave Oven

Makers of Himalayan yak chew found a way to recycle those leftover pieces your dog cannot chew on after they have broken down their chew bar. This process helps your dog consume every piece of the bar and enjoy its nutrients.

Due to its longevity, you can microwave its pieces for your dog to consume after it has broken down.

This is a safe way of recycling the chew pieces for your dog to still feed on rather than throwing them away.

How To Microwave Yaks Chew Treat For Dogs

You can microwave the leftover yak chew pieces within 30 secs – 60 secs and they will puff up and become a fresh, new crunchy treat for your dogs.

Do not serve your dog immediately when you bring it out of the microwave. Allow it to cool down first. 

Do not just drop off the recycled chew after heating it. Watch them consume the chew as with any other item you give them to eat. 

Himalayan Yak Chews are nice because they last for a long time. No one would have thought that microwaving a dog treat would make it even more fun. 

Nevertheless, dogs adore their new treats as soon as they’ve been heated and cooled.

How Long Do You Microwave a Himalayan Dog Chew

Himalayan dog chews are microwavable for 30 secs – 45 secs. However, you can heat them for up to 60 secs to get them properly cooked for your dog.

Anything above this time frame would make the dog chew inconsumable by your dog so be mindful and don’t forget you put something in the microwave.

Final Verdicts on Can You Microwave Yak Chews

Himalayan yak chew is the perfect chew for your dog because it is free of contaminants and nutrient dense. Its sole components include Yak milk, salt, lime juice, and cow milk occasionally. 

If your dog is at the stage where it’s beginning to chew at the end of things, getting a yak chew is the best option to help satisfy its chewing craving.

But, it is not recommended to microwave Yak chews as it may cause the chews to become too hard and potentially splinter, posing a choking hazard for pets.

It is best to give Yak chews to pets as is or soften them by soaking in water for a short period of time.

As with any pet treat, it is important to supervise pets while they are chewing and discard any pieces that have become small enough to swallow.