What is a Smart Inverter Microwave Oven? (Is Really Worth)

Smart inverter technology is one of the latest microwave technologies that makes cooking easy and effective. The inverters allow the delivery of a steady and constant stream of power when cooking to ensure even results.

Therefore, when cooking with a smart inverter microwave, expect more evenly-cooked foods that are rich in flavor.

The main advantage of a smart inverter microwave over a regular microwave is that it supplies optimized heat during the entire cooking process.

In this guide, we dig deeper into smart inverter microwave ovens to help you understand how they work and whether you should consider investing in one.

How Does a Smart Inverter Microwave Work?

A smart inverter microwave works by defrosting, heating, or reheating meals at a constant power level for the entire cooking time.

These microwaves use inverter technology that provides a controlled power supply consistently to prevent overheating, destruction of food structure, and loss of flavor.

Difference Between a Smart Inverter Microwave and a Solo Microwave

What is a Smart Inverter Microwave Oven

The main difference between a smart inverter microwave and a solo microwave is in the way power is delivered. In a solo microwave, power is delivered through a transformer, which cycles the power on and off, heating your food evenly.

For instance, if you were to set your solo microwave to deliver 50% power, it will go through a full cycle (produce 100% power) followed by a period of no power to get the intended 50% power.

It’s quite a long process that uses a lot of power, and in the end, you actually don’t get very well cooked food. It’s either chewy or devoid of nutrients.

On the other hand, a smart inverter microwave power is delivered through an inverter circuit. This circuit ensures a steady and constant power supply for the entire cooking time.

Therefore, if you want your meals to cook in 50% power, the microwave delivers 50% power all through.

Benefits of a Smart Inverter Microwave

The following are some of the advantages of a smart inverter microwave.

  • Constant and steady distribution of power

Inverter microwaves provide a steady power supply when cooking. That’s why if you set the appliance to cook at 50% power, it’ll cook at that exact power during the entire cooking process.

  • More evenly cooked food.

Thanks to the constant power distribution, food cooks more evenly in an inverter microwave. You can never compare the food quality from this appliance to that prepared with a solo microwave.

Because solo microwaves operate in periods of zero and full power, it’s easy to destroy delicate foods that only require half power to cook.

  • Faster cooking times

Now that an inverter microwave doesn’t cycle between full and zero power like a conventional microwave, it can cook more quickly.

  • More energy-efficient

Smart inverter microwaves cook faster hence more energy-efficient. You can’t compare these appliances to regular microwaves that waste a lot of power when cycling between 100% power and zero cooking power.

Consistent power supply leads to less use of power and less cooking time.

  • Even defrosting of food

The constant delivery of heat in a smart inverter microwave leads makes defrosting more efficient. The steady stream of power helps thaw food consistently and faster than using a conventional microwave.

  • Lighter Weight

Smart inverter microwave ovens don’t come with a transformer like conventional models hence lighter in weight. You can actually move an inverter microwave from one room to another in your house with ease.

Importance of Power Levels in Microwaves

Ever done the trick of pressing the +30 button a couple of times in your microwave, thinking that it’s the quickest way to reheat your meal? Well, welcome to the club! Almost everyone has, and it actually didn’t give great results.

You should know that heating your meals in this way makes the microwave use its highest power level for the duration of time you’ve selected.

And the results?

Your food will have areas that are extremely hot and others that are still cold, forcing you to stir/mix it manually for even heating.

Blasting your food with maximum power doesn’t give your microwave the chance to distribute heat evenly. Imagine a situation where you’re reheating lasagna, and you can stir it for even heating results.

Instead, it is better to use a lower power if your appliance doesn’t have the sensor reheat feature. And although the food may take longer to reheat, you’ll get better results.

The same happens when defrosting food. Too high power results in uneven thawing, with some areas becoming cooked and others remaining in the frozen state.

Brands that Offer Inverter Microwaves

Some of the brands that offer inverter microwaves include:

  • Panasonic
  • LG
  • Sharp
  • Morphy Richards
  • Bosch
  • Smeg

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an LG inverter microwave?

An LG smart inverter microwave is a microwave from LG that comes with built-in smart inverter technology. The technology provides precise cooking power to reheat and defrost various foods faster than ever.

Q. Why is an inverter microwave better?

An inverter microwave is better as it helps you steam, braise and poach all types of foods with the speed and convenience of the microwave. With an inverter microwave, you’ll enjoy delicious foods and in less time.

Q. What is a smart inverter in a microwave?

A smart inverter in a microwave is a built-in technology that helps heat, reheat or defrost foods at a constant power level for the entire cooking time.

Q. Is there anything special about an inverter microwave?

Actually, an inverter microwave is not different from a standard microwave oven in terms of radiation. The only difference is that inverter microwaves boast a circuit board that controls the power supplied to ensure even heating.

Q. Should you buy an inverter microwave?

And why not? An inverter microwave offers faster cooking times, thaws food faster and more evenly, is energy-efficient, easy to use, and lightweight.


Although a smart inverter microwave comes with a higher price tag, it’s better than a regular microwave by far. This appliance helps you prepare tasty meals for your family fast and without the risk of undercooking or burning the food.

It’s more energy-efficient, easy to move around your kitchen, and easy to use as well. Therefore, the next time you’re shopping for a microwave, you better consider whether it comes with the smart inverter function.

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