Is an 1100 Watts Microwave Good? (Excellent Opinion)

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The 1100 watts microwave is the most common of all microwave ovens. Remember, with microwaves, the higher the wattage, the faster they heat up.

An 1100 watts microwave is a relatively powerful option for home use. In fact, it’s an excellent middle ground for affordability and power.

So, is 1100 watts microwave good? It is a good microwave since ideal models are from 1000 watts to 1200 watts.

The microwave has a good power range and can cook various foods fast and evenly. It is also highly reliable and perfect for heavy home use.

And most 1100 watts microwaves feature several advanced features that make them worth going for.

Best 1100 Watt Microwave Ovens

What to Expect from 1100 Watts Microwaves

Is an 1100 Watts Microwave Good

Listed below are some of the things you should expect from an 1100 watts microwave.


As aforementioned, 1100 watts microwaves cook and reheat food pretty fast and evenly. At full power, these appliances will work magic on your food.

Another important feature to note is presets. 1100 watts microwaves come with plenty of presets for most common food items. You don’t have to be a pro cook to prepare meals using this device.

These microwaves also have a few digital features like auto defrost, digital display, and kitchen timer. They also tend to receive higher ratings for easy cleanup and ease of use.

You’ll also notice that most come with smart sensors that automatically adjust the cooking time for you. These sensors remove the guesswork from cooking.

If you’re lucky enough and willing to spend a little more cash, you can get a model with unique features like the heating element or the inverter technology.

The inverter technology replaces the transformer and delivers a constant and steady power flow for even cooking.

Size and Capacity

1100 watts microwaves are available in different sizes. There are options ranging from 1.1 cubic feet to 1.6 cubic feet capacity.

The most common interior capacity of microwaves in this power range is 1.2 cubic feet. And when it comes to the external dimensions, a 1.2 cu. ft microwave features 20 x 13 x 16 inches.

These microwaves are mid-sized and may not fit in tiny kitchen spaces. You, therefore, need to reserve enough space for the oven on your countertop.


You can find all sorts of microwaves in this power rating. From countertop to over-the-range models, you’ll find one to suit your taste.

The choices are vast.

Is an 1100 Watts Microwave Powerful Enough?

An 1100 watts microwave is powerful enough to help cook varying delicacies for your loved ones at home. It also comes with plenty of preprogrammed settings that make cooking a lot easier.

Some of these convenient settings for popular foods include pizza, popcorn, frozen meals, among others.

And the good news is that you can find quality microwaves at this power range at reasonable prices.

1100 watts Microwave vs. 1200 Watts Microwave

A few differences exist between an 1100 watts microwave oven and a 1200 watts model. Although the power difference is only 100 watts, some things are a little complicated.

For instance, an 1100 watts microwave takes a little more time to cook than a 1200 watts microwave. It will also not cook as evenly as the 1200 watts model.

With a 1200 watts model, you get more temperature control. Its maximum power output is better than that of an 1100 watts model.

The more powerful microwave is, the faster it works, and in this case, the 1200 watts model takes the crown. Does this mean that the 1100 watts model is not any good? Not at all.

An 1100 watts microwave is good enough for your cooking needs.

Is 1100 Watts Good for a Microwave?

1100 watts is good enough for a home microwave. It will cook not only fast but also evenly. Most 1100 watts microwaves are also spacious enough to help you cook enough meals for a small family.

Also, microwaves in this power range boast advanced features that you can’t find in low-power models. They are easy to use, and you can also rely on the capabilities of these appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many watts should a microwave be?

A 900 watts or more microwave is a good microwave. With such a microwave, you won’t have to wait forever to get your food cooked. It‘ll also cook your food more evenly.
Microwaves with 700 watts or less cook slower and may not cook your food evenly.
When shopping for a microwave, always remember, the higher the wattage, the faster and more evenly the appliance cooks.

Q: How big is an 1100 watts microwave?

An 1100 watts microwave is big enough to prepare meals for a small family of 4. These microwaves usually boast an interior capacity of between 1.0 and 1.6 cubic feet.

Q: Is a 1000 watts microwave as good as an 1100 watts model?

An 1100 watts microwave is 10% more than a 1000 watts model. It, therefore, cooks a little slower than the 1100 watts model and cooks less evenly as well.
However, it’s still a good microwave for home use.

Q: How many watts is medium-high on a microwave?

A medium-high on a microwave ranges between 500 to 800 watts.

Q: How many minutes does it take to microwave to 165 degrees?

It takes at least 3 minutes to microwave to 165 degrees.

Q: How do I find the current of my microwave?

Check the serial number plate of your microwave to know the wattage. You can also check online from the manufacturer’s website.

Q: Are most microwaves 1100 watts?

Yes, 1100 watts microwaves are the most common. They cook faster, evenly, and are spacious enough to prepare meals for a family of at most 5.

Q: What is the highest temperature a microwave can reach?

A microwave can reach a maximum temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius).

Q: Is 800 watts enough for a microwave?

An 800 watts microwave is good enough for basic cooking. You can reheat drinks, cook instant meals, and heat small foods in it.

Q: What is considered a low-wattage microwave?

Most low-wattage microwaves have a wattage of 600 to 800. These microwaves tend to cook slower and less evenly.


And now we believe that you’ve got the answer to the question – is 1100 watts microwave good (1)? 1100 watts is towards the higher end of the power range of most microwaves you’ll find on the market today.

It allows you to cook fast and evenly and boast more advanced features.

However, just like any other high-powered appliance, a high-quality 1100 watts microwave will cost you more when purchasing. You also need to have enough countertop space for the appliance to fit properly.

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