What is the Difference Between 700 and 900 Watts Microwave

Understanding a microwave’s wattage is as vital as knowing the temperature of an oven. In fact, it is one of the factors you need to consider when looking for a high-quality microwave oven.

Most microwaves range from 600 to 1300 watts, and the general conception is that you can’t get quality cooking results unless you use a high-powered microwave oven.

Are 700 and 900 watts microwave ovens high-powered or low-powered? How does a 700 watts microwave differ from a 900 watts microwave?

This post compares the 2 microwaves to help you make an informed buying decision. Dig in to learn more.

A table Showing the Differences Between a 700 and 900 Watts Microwave

Feature700 Watts Microwave Oven900 Watts Microwave
SizeSmaller and more compact than
the 900 watts microwave oven
Slightly bigger than
the 700 watts oven
Power Output-
Low power outputHigher power output
Power settingsLimited power levelsMore power level settings
Capacity0.7 cubic feet interior
0.9 cubic feet interior
Turntable diameterStarts from 7.5 inchesStarts from 0.9 inches
FeaturesBasic featuresMore advanced features
PriceAffordableA little expensive
Difference Between 700 and 900 Watts Microwave

Comparing a 700 and a 900 Watts Microwave Oven

Power Output Rating

A 700 watts output power microwave is the weakest microwave in terms of generated radiation strength. Remember, the lower the output power, the longer it’ll take to heat your food.

A glass of water that takes about 2 minutes to heat in a 700 watts microwave will take only about 50 seconds to heat in a 900 watts output power microwave.

The power also affects the consistency of heating across your food. A 700 watts microwave may not heat up densely packed food like mashed potatoes and rice evenly.

You have to ensure that you only place a small amount of food in the oven to get the best results. This isn’t the case with a 900 watts oven. Here, your food warms fast and evenly because it has an average power output rating.


A 700 watts microwave is a small microwave. Actually, it’s the smallest class of microwaves for home use. These microwaves correspond to 0.7 cubic feet interior capacity and come with a turntable of about 7.5 inches.

This microwave is suitable for singles as it can only prepare enough meals for 2.

A 900 watts microwave isn’t the largest microwave in the market, but it’s bigger than a 700 one. The microwave has a corresponding interior capacity of 0.9 cubic feet and its turntable diameter starts from 9.5.”

The 900 watts microwave is spacious enough to prepare enough food for a couple or a small family of 4 with limited kitchen space.


A 700 watts microwave is a basic microwave oven and offers the least viable and minimal features. Be warned; if interested in a microwave that can help you roast food or one with a convection fan or inverter circuit, you won’t find the features here.

700 vs 900 Watts Microwave

This microwave is only good for basic reheating and defrosting. If an average microwave user, you’ll love it anyway.

Expect to do more with a 900 watts microwave oven. You can get a 900 watts model with features like convection cooking, sensor function, air fryer, child lock features, pre-programmed settings, among others.

You can bake, grill, roast, cook, pop popcorns, and even make pizza in a 900 watts microwave oven.

Power Settings

Microwave ovens come with settings for power levels. These levels enable you to set the percentage of output power you want the microwave to run at.

Selecting the right power level is important for preparing different meals.

Most digital microwaves come with 10 power settings, 1 to 10, and each power level corresponds to an increment of 10%. Therefore, power level 5 corresponds to 50% and 10,100%.

A 700 watts microwave oven is limited in its maximum power. While a 900 watts microwave can be dialed down to 700 watts by selecting power level 7, you can dial a 700 watts microwave to 900 watts.

And remember, power level selection is essential as it allows you to control your cooking better.


One thing you’re sure to like about 700 watts microwave ovens is that they come at affordable prices. On top of that, they are easy on energy consumption, which will reflect on your monthly electricity bills.

900 watts microwave ovens come with a higher price tag. However, considering the much you can do with these appliances, they are so much worth it.

Standard Microwave Wattage

Microwaves come in varying shapes, sizes, and wattages. Your microwave oven should be able to handle your recipes and kind of food.

If you find that the microwave you’re using takes a lot of food to get your food ready, it’s time you got an upgrade. Reason? Your current oven isn’t right for you.

In our opinion, the standard microwave range is from 900 to 1000 watts. Anything lower than that might not be able to handle all food types.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Which food can I cook in a microwave oven?

A 700 watts microwave can help you reheat beverages and leftovers, cook vegetables, make popcorn, and thaw food.

If you like baking, roasting, grilling, or making complex meals, you need a microwave with a higher wattage.

02. Can you cook frozen food in a 700 watts microwave?

Yes. A 700 watts microwave is good enough to defrost frozen food. You just need to use low power to carry out the process and cook the food evenly.

Although it might take longer to complete the process than when using a higher wattage microwave, you’ll get the best results.

03. Is it possible to pop popcorn in a 700 watts microwave?

Yes. Most 700 watts microwaves come with a pre-programmed setting for popcorn.

In fact, the appliance only takes about 2 minutes to make the popcorns.

04. How much longer will my 700 watts microwave oven take to cook?

A 700 watts microwave oven cooks slower. A recipe that requires only 10 minutes of cooking time in a higher wattage microwave might take 5 to 5 ½ minutes more.

05. Is 900 watts good for a microwave?

Yes, A 900 watts microwave oven is good enough. It can easily reheat and cook your meals. It also enables you to cook and reheat various types of food since most models come with power adjustment buttons.

The microwave can also fit in small spaces and is suitable for small families of at most 4 people.

06. Is a 900 watts microwave oven powerful enough?

Yes, a 900 microwave is powerful enough to handle your cooking needs. It can help you prepare a variety of meals, including pizza and potato, and melt ice as well.

07. How often should I use my microwave oven?

This will depend on your cooking habit and style. However, one thing to note is that if planning on using the microwave multiple times per day, you need one with a higher wattage.

A 900 watts and above microwave can handle multiple cooking times and give you excellent cooking results at all times.

08. Where should I place my microwave?

The size of your microwave highly affects the location of the appliance. If planning to place your microwave in a small kitchen countertop or a dorm room, get a smaller microwave.

And remember, a smaller size translates to lower wattage.


Both the 700 watts and the 900 watts microwave work great and suit you if you have cramped kitchen space. However, the one to go for will depend on your cook habits and how you intend to use the appliance.

A 700 watts model is ideal for you if all you want is a microwave that can perform basic cooking purposes and are working with a low budget. If you like cooking and trying new recipes, you’ll find a 900 watts microwave, a better model.